Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sometimes It Just Has To Be Spelled Out - Friday Flash

Mike she said
Do you know about Quebecois women?
We are not like your buttoned up Yankee girls
Or your Indian women high up there on the Sierras
Bravo ma cherie
For I am an Alpha male, just feel my deltoids
Alpha? Deltoids? Delta and Delta more like
Is there an Echo in here?
Bravo mon cheri, you deserve an Oscar
For you merely have the body of someone who plays a lot of Golf
Rather than a Romeo in the bed
I like you Juliet, same as I like my Whiskey, straight-up, bit of sour
Really? I like my men in Uniforms usually
Hey it takes two to Tango. Where’s your costume then?
If you had X-Ray vision you’d see what I was wearing under my coat
Anyway, I’m more of a Foxtrot girl than a Tango woman really
But I’ve booked the Hotel room
And I’ve also got a half a Kilo of Charlie
Half a key? That wouldn’t get us to November
Besides, I’m more about liver, Lima beans and a nice chianti
Ha Zulus!
Cos I think you’ll find it was fava beans, so to the Victor the spoils!
Now come to Papa!
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo off!

for when there can be no reason for miscommunication... 



Helen A. Howell said...

There's nothing like a bit of semaphore is there? ^__^

Larry Kollar said...

Is he tired? His come-on lines were flagging. :-D