Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Extra-Curricular - Image gallery

While I don't often get prompted for stories from visual images, when I initially post them to this blog I usually try and accompany them with an image to encapsulate them.

So with my new collection of flash stories "Extra-Curricular" being published in September, here is a gallery of images associated with some of the stories.

 "Night Vision"




 "Eyes In The Back of His Hands"
"Hollow Point"
"Pinboard Wizard"
"Life Class"
"Performance Anxiety"
"A Round, A Bout"
"Crowd Sauced"
"The World Alchemist"
"People Watching"

 "The Disenchanted Forest"

"Flea Circus"

"Compound Fracture"


 "Bedroom Ballistics"
 "Blood Angel"
"Wrist Assessment"

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