Thursday, 7 July 2016

Unholy Trinities - Friday Flash

him, her
Nina Pinta Santa Maria
mirror signal manoeuvre
jacket waistcoat trousers
chest waist hips
guitar bass drums
thesis antithesis synthesis
fish chips gravy
fish chips mushy-peas
tick tack toe
inch foot yard
rock paper scissors
Clotho Lachesis Atropos
larva pupa imago
father mother child
frankincense gold myrrh
faith hope charity
DNA amino-acid protein
protein vitamin carbohydrate
cereal toast eggs
Doric Ionic Corinthian 
solid liquid gas
knife fork spoon
morning noon night
liberty equality fraternity 
malleus incus stapes
Satan, Beelzebub Moloch
tens hundreds thousands
thousands hundreds tens
Homo Erectus Home Habilis Home Sapiens
id ego superego
bacon lettuce tomato
Charlotte Emily Anne
Eastern Central Pacific
Rachkovsky Dzerzhinsky Beria 
husband wife mistress
Okhrana, NKVD, KGB
pounds shillings pence
robbery assault battery
birth marriage death
Abraham Isaac Jacob
arrest trial sentence


Larry Kollar said...

alarm coffee work — one semi-divine bracketed by two evils. :-P

I'm still puzzling the "him, her" construct; I think it implies something (invisible?) has come between a couple.

Natalie Wood said...

But where are the biblical patriarchs without their mates, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah -and Rachel? Very, very impressive, this. But I think your readers deserve a full tutorial.

Helen A. Howell said...

What happened to fish, chips and wally (pickle gherkin) ?

I need a tutorial ^__^