Tuesday, 8 September 2015

"Extra-Curricular" - Story themes

There are 44 (45 in the print version) stories in my new flash fiction collection "Extra-Curricular", arranged around a school subject timetable. Here are the stories and their themes.

1) "Night Vision" - Voyeurism enhanced by a thermal imaging camera
2) "A Round, A Bout" - A 'Ring Girl', the woman who holds up the board with the round number during the breaks between rounds at a boxing match, here is not your usual suspect...
3) "Bedroom Ballistics" - Some role-playing as a husband tries to keep his wife's planetary sized brain focused on the task to hand
4) "Threads" - a series of stories linked by horizontal lines
5) "Flea Circus" - a flea circus, only with the roles somewhat reversed
6) "Rebirth" - a man who has suffered brain trauma undergoes physiotherapy to restore his functioning
7) "Zombie" - the myth of the zombie, as cast through plastic surgery disasters
8) "Wrist Assessment" - a series of stories all centred around the often overlooked human anatomy of the wrist
9) "Group Therapy" - Two voices compete to be heard in a group therapy session
10) "People Watching" - A sniper who spends his time viewing people through the crosshairs of his rifle scope, finds it hard to readjust when back in civilian life
11) "Bas-Relief" - A human brain constructed from the labyrinth of its memories
12) "A Moment In Time" - When you time travel, just how do you decide the exact moment in your history to return to?
13) "Overpass" - A series of stories linked by perpendicularity
14) "Occupational Hazard" - A humorous tale of occupational surnames, when no one quite lives up to their name
15) "Blood Angel" - A witch burning fails to stamp the authority of the judges and executioners on the crowds who have gathered for the spectacle
16) "Bye Bye Lingual" - The last native speaker of a language contemplates the extinction of his mother tongue if he dies
17) "The Conversion Gag" - A strange translation device
18) "Compound Fracture" - A German engineer explores London and the English language
19) "Reading For Two" - A man reads to his wife on her death bed
20) "Phoneanemic" - A sneeze wreaks a terrible paranoia on a man as to whether others are talking about him
21) "The Word Alchemist" - The alchemy of language under a very strange investigation
22) "Perspective" - An alien species observing Earth armed only with art criticism books to guide them
23) "Life Class" - How humans might look to others
24) "Performance Anxiety" - The anxiety caused by not having the latest version of a gadget
25) "Disbanded" - A military band reassemble after their death
26) "The Sky Fell In" - trying to build a church in a colonial setting where different gods are worshipped
27) "Confirmament" - redrawing the constellation of the stars into shapes we might actually recognise
28) "Wings" - A fallen angel brought low by drug addiction
29) "Laundry Lists" - The man who draws up lists of names for political executions
30) "Message For You People" - We don't receive any training in how to vote do we...?
31) "Drones" - Reclaiming the word 'drone' from being associated with only one of its various meanings
32) "Hollow Point" - Bullets received through the post marked with your name on....
33) "Crowd Sauced" - Mob justice in the most mundane of causes
34) "The Disenchanted Forest" - Folklore recast in the polluted modern world
35) "In Triplicate" - A put-upon secretary thinks only of revenge on her boss
36) "Pinboard Wizard" - A tale told from the viewpoint of a college noticeboard
37) "An Ideal Woman" - the image of women in everyday life
38) "Echoes" - A mother to be sees her baby on the ultrasound screen
39) "Trading Places" - A married couple have a suicide pact for when one leaves the other through death
40) "Eye In The Back Of His Hands" - A woman and her blind lover
41) "Clutch" - A woman, four lovers and their colour-coded handbags...
42) "Table Plan" - A poker player with plenty of tics and tells
43) "Johnny Smoke" - a comedic noirish detective story
44) "Subjectify" - a 100 word story about a serial killer finally behind bars

Bonus Story
45) "Boustrophedon" - A tale written in Classical Greek boustrophedon style

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Published September 18th

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