Thursday, 17 September 2015

Book Launch Day is here!

So today is the day, publication of my 5th collection of flash fiction and my 9th book in all.

"Extra-Curricular" contains 44 flash stories (45 in the print edition), themed around a secondary (High) school timetable.

The stories are bite-sized in length, many running no longer than 500 words so perfect commuter reading or reading on the go on your mobile devices. Bite-sized, but all will make you think because they are packed with ideas and startling images.

For a list of the themes of all the stories you can go here.

For a visual image gallery behind some of the stories you can go here.

For the prompts behind many of the stories you can go here.

And the trailer is here, the first story in the collection called "Night Vision"

I hope you enjoy the stories, I'm really excited by this collection.

Available from Amazon and I-Tunes


Denise said...

My order is in...

Unknown said...

Bought it! I look to you to be the master of Flash! : )

Sulci Collective said...

Aw thanks guys xx

KD I'd love to know what you think, as I hope this one pushes the boundaries of narrative just that bit more