Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dreams Are Better

Dreams.... Fantasies... Imaginings... Aspirations... Here's 10 songs on the theme of dreams. Because of the varying musical styles and genres, some may well be dreamy. Some may represent altered states. Some may be nightmarish. Let me know your faves.

1) New Order - "Dreams Never End"

2) Ozzy Osbourne - "Dreamer"

3) Supertramp - "Dreamer"

4) The Bug - "Thief Of Dreams"

5) Jay-Z - "A Dream"

6) Pauline Murray - "Dream Sequence 1"

7) Sonic Youth - "I Dreamed I dream"

8) Suicide - "Keep Your Dreams"

9) Jimi Hendrix - "Still Raining, Still Dreaming"

10) Gang Of Four - "We Live as We Dream Alone"

Let's face it, it wouldn't be a Sulci Collective chart without at least one Gang Of Four track included.

Sweet Dreams


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