Saturday, 15 November 2014

Achromatic Landcsape #4 - Flash Fiction

The pylons stretching back like a forlorn wedding arch awaiting for Gog and Magog to breast them triumphantly. 

The slack skipping ropes of their sagging cables, since the escarpment chalk giants are off elsewhere playing hopscotch. 

A mesh of Babel towers all connected up to deliver the illumination for humans to generate their own blaze, glare and incandescence of incomprehensible communication.

Standing like Christmas trees stripped of their needles and baubles in bleakest January, still broadcasting their proudly erect posture but generating only barrenness.

A column of ramrod straightbacked corps disarmed by the ordinance to cats cradle their copulas. 

Multi-limbed blights snarled in the gossamer silk offered by their antecessor as a way out of this never-ending green labyrinth. 


Sonia Lal said...

very poetic! Little bleak, though.

Icy Sedgwick said...

Did you ever see the proposed design that had them looking like gigantic stags, with the antlers holding up the cables? They were epic. I wish they'd been turned into reality.

ganymeder said...

Nicely done from the photo! I especially liked the first sentence. :)

Steve Green said...

Pylons are something of a blot on the landscape, aren't they?

Katherine Hajer said...

Similar to what Icy said, I recently saw an article about a proposal to make hydro towers like these, but in the shape of giants, using their "hands" to hold up the cables. The article mentioned that the "giants" used up the same amount of steel as the regular towers, which of course begs the question of why no-one bothered to do something beautiful with the design in the first place -- a point you got across very well in your piece!