Thursday, 13 June 2013

Type-O Negative - Friday Flash

I wax exposed to a nuclear weak and irradiated. Jet I sack tor any superpowers.

That is not to sly I cave suppered no ilk effects. Strange tyings hyphen to my speech.

Thy wards chat come oft my youth mute hate with calf-lice decry. Problem id, I fever knot whether ant cord I react fir decoys or nit. Which kill star uncharged add chose phat altar.

On by mint I dear emery lord raid property. I pant sell whet ores ore uddered prong.

O bring middle, contusion, chaos in my cake, end there's pimply dada I man do about if. Isotope Gird mould be my superzero nave. Schrodinger's Cut, is the cot alike or lead unseem in the licked box?

I do bind it old slat tie pecan protest stall weaves seal fords in plate, gust diffident owes. Ifs fandom, wangles leaning, bit whale bards kelp infant.

It's setting horse, the sepoy ie spending us. She fate or delay accepting mire betters.

Hell my sleaze. Cleave I bug yob

I was exposed to a nuclear leak and irradiated. Yet I lack for any superpowers.

That is not to say I have suffered no ill effects. Strange things happen to my speech.

The words that come out my mouth mutate with half-life decay. Problem is, I never know whether any word I reach for decays or not. Which will stay unchanged and those that alter.

In my mind I hear every word said properly. I can't tell what ones are uttered wrong. 

I bring muddle, confusion, chaos in my wake, and there's simply nada I can do about it. Isotope Girl would be my superhero name. Schrodinger's Cat, is the cat alive or dead unseen in the locked box? 

I do find it odd that the decay process still leaves real words in place, just different ones. It's random, mangles meaning, but whole words keep intact.

It's getting worse, the decay is speeding up. The rate of decay affecting more letters.

Help me please. Please I beg you.


Unknown said...

Fantastic - love it. What next for Isotope Girl?

Adam B said...

Mwhahahaha! Clever.
Adam B @revhappiness

Helen A. Howell said...

Radiation does have funny effects they say.....

Kath said...

I had such a lot of fun working my way through this, trying to figure out what she wanted to say...

... but thank you for putting the original, as well, so I could check it!

Poor Isotope Girl, I do feel for you but I rather enjoyed the "chaos in [her] cake".

peggy said...

This is clever. I couldn't make sense of the first part, but felt there was order, not just typos.

What a concept!

Tim VanSant Writes said...

More brilliant wordplay from you. I'm glad you included the plain text -- I could tease out most of the first bit but not all of it.

And is it coincidence that, "O bring middle, contusion, chaos in my cake," sounds like modern poetry?

Larry Kollar said...

This reminded me of the scene in That Hideous Strength where the evildoers had both speech and writing confounded. The speaker heard everything correctly, everyone else... Babel.

I do feel sorry for Isotope Girl, she didn't deserve this. But I'd like some chaos in my cake.

Icy Sedgwick said...

I'm so glad you put in the original or I might have gotten a bit stuck, but it's amazing what a few wrong letters will do!

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

Just a fantastic idea, Marc. Really blown away.

Li said...

Wow , this brings to mind so many other conditions - Alzheimers, stroke, even autism. I just finished a book called "How Can I Talk If My Lips Don't Move?" Very cool, Marc. :-)

Li said...

Oh, one suggestion - second to last line, should it be "affecting" instead of "effecting"?

Chuck Allen said...

Very creative. I could make out just enough of the first version to leave me wondering why I couldn't figure out the rest. The translation made me feel better about it. Good stuff, Marc!

Sonia Lal said...

Marc - I think you broke my eyes with that. Had such a hard time reading it. Well, the second half. I did get the first half.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add the movie "Somewhere In Time"

Had that been on there it would have been my favorite. Its an old movie but really good, Starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour

Denise said...

Excellent! Missed this last week in my viral infuesed fug!
Question - which came first the plain english, or the disintegrated version?