Thursday, 22 October 2009

Whatever Happened to ... Saddam's Body-Doubles?

The following is a fictionalised treatment of the question. If you happen to know 6 underemployed Saddam lookalikes, then point them my way and we'll see if we can get this thing made...

Scratchy quality film, that periodically jumps. Each of 6 Saddam
Hussein bodydoubles take a turn in the sketch for which they are
auditioning for the role. They are only distinguished by a number
sticker on their prison issue jacket. Hence the jumpy film to cut from
one Sadaam actor directly to another in the same scene.

Saddam Hussein hanging on to a pay phone in prison visiting
area. He wheels around as he gets a response. On the visitor’s
side of the glass panels, his aide takes a seat. Saddam slams the
phone down and it bounces off its cradle and dangles from its
wire. Saddam takes a seat on the other side of the glass. Picks up
the wall mounted screen phone

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