Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Sulci Collective goes Guerilla Lit.

The first of several uploads to get literature on to YouTube.

The two media do not seem to be mutually compatible. The sight of some lardy bloke with specs, monotoning from a book in hand or manuscript so that he barely looks at the camera, does not make for interesting viewing.

So you have to give some visual head for the YouTube generation. You have to certain extent also to act out your text. Don't forget, this is something that is normally read silently inside a reader's head, in the private space of their home. Can you compete with a hamster falling off its spinning wheel, or footage of that bloke from "Top Gear" stacking his car at 200kph ?

And guerilla literature is exactly that. Writing that wants to grab hold of you and take you hostage, at least for the 4-10 minutes rationed out to you by the YouTube magisters.

Look out for future vids, behind hoody and stocking over the face. Guerilla Lit is here and it's starting to make demands ...

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