Monday, 28 July 2014

And Baseball Created The Universe - Flash fiction

“Foul Ball”! And with that the black hole at the centre of the solar system was created.

“Big bang, big bang! That changeup ain’t coming back any time soon!” as the galaxy was propelled on its never ending way.

“Backdoor slider eh? I went yard on that” as Venus was launched into its orbit.

“Dial long distance!" Curve ball duly deposited into the upper deck as Pluto took its place. The pitching angel was finding it hard to hurl orbs with his wings getting in the way. He spat out his chewing tobacco on the mound and thus was dark matter formed.

“Split two-seam fastball eh? I was sitting dead read on that one. Hit the hide off it!” as a shredded Saturn shuffled into position.

“Pop fly!” as the comets were established in their trajectories. 

“Ha moonshot!” as Jupiter’s many satellites were formed from the splitting of the ball crushed by God’s Louisville Slugger timber.

“Come on Cherub, that one is right in my wheelhouse!” as Neptune was crushed into the far reaches of the solar system.

“Line drive blast, that’s back to back to back” as Mars lined it out into the short porch of the solar system. 

“Sinker ball huh?” Tape-measure dinger into the bleachers for Uranus to assume its elliptical path.

“Ooops mind yourself there Cherub, atom-ball nearly got ya!” and thus was Mercury formed with a single feather snagged by the travelling sphere from the Cherub’s wing.

“Oh man broken bat blooped single, think my arm’s getting tired, let’s call it a day- the first day- here” as the Earth apologetically spilled out into the infield.

“Fiat Lux to illuminate all my smoked balls”. God removed the bubble gum from his mouth and stuck it to the batting cage where it pulsed and radiated light.


Nadine Maritz said...

You made this sound so easy LOL - Foul ball - awesome

Donald Conrad said...

Nice allegory. Like that bubble gum at the end.

Steve Green said...

Ah! So THAT'S how it all started? LOL

Jon Jefferson said...

Dark matter and tobacco juice, I am not sure how far off you are on this one.