Three Dreams In The Key Of G


"A book that soars and leaves a frisson in its contrails. A challenging, stunning, wholly satisfying creation."

The Splice 
"Even judging it from only its prose style, there’s the sense that Marc Nash’s book means to shake up conventional notions of what a novel can be."
"Nash invites us to contemplate life lived at the human scale against fundamental questions of biology and existence, and vice-versa. No matter how deep the novel goes, it always returns to the human narrators, to the level at which we live from day to day."

"closer to a meditation than anything else:.. particularly in those questions of where we get our humanity from."
"There were times reading when I thought of Eliot’s Four Quartets"

Guardian Book Blogs - Not The Booker Prize review

"this book becomes increasingly intriguing and challenging as it goes. The questions it poses about free will and self-determination have been asked before, and the themes of male violence and irresponsibility are all too familiar. But Nash’s approach to them is original. It’s daring. (As, incidentally, is his attempt to give sympathetic voice to female experience, at a time when so much ink is wasted on debating who is allowed to write what.)"

"this is a book which never under estimates the intelligence of its readers and is a rigorous read as a result."
"The author is clearly in love with and in command of the English language and loves to play with homonyms, words with double meanings, word combinations and with etymology in a way that reminded me the Republic of Consciousness Prize winning Attrib. and other storiesby Eley Williams (and I struggle to pay a book a higher compliment)."

"My brain felt like it had been through an intense workout. Nash is at the top of his game with this amazing feat of fiction. "
Byways in Bookland booktube review

KD Rose 4 Stars (Goodreads)
"Here, three narrative streams coalesce to provide some of the deepest existential philosophies you will find, all the while remaining grounded in the everyday world."
"Finally, this could be said to be a book about motherhood of all kinds, three specific examples given to us with narrators in all their elegance and frailties."

Triumph Of The Now 
"Nash successfully evokes two complex characters, both of whom are in vastly different locations and linked, purely, by a shared history of poor relationships." 

Old Blue's Chapter & Verse

"I've read few other books to which I feel comfortable comparing it -- Milan Kundera's Immortality (a weaker achievement than Nash's) and Paul Kingsnorth's The Wake (a stronger achievement than Nash's) come to mind, the Kundera because it (like this) is a novel of ideas, the Kingsnorth because it (like this) is a novel of linguistic daring." 

"There is such linguistic energy in the novel, it would occasionally feel like impromptu rap spun from the mouth of a genius, like hearing Eminem throw it down might somehow feel no less fitting that seeing it ordered out in sentences and paragraphs."



In Conversation With Lee Rourke 

Hannah's Bookshelf 

Unsound Methods

Jewish Voices (28 minutes in)

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