Saturday, 20 January 2018

Four-Minute Warning - Flash Fiction

We had got flabby after the withering away of mutually assured nuclear destruction. Replacing the four-minute warning with our own cosy version, the Bucket List. Taking our own sweet time. Indulging presumed pleasures rather than confronting the other pole of the spectrum, the non-continuum, that of our demise. 

When knowledge of the new imminent extinction event broke, the world soon reverted to type. Full panic mode which should have been enough to paralyse us in place in unremitting contemplation of our gathering cessation. But now, pluckily folk sped up their ambitions and deviated off the inventory into far more extreme vistas. Time for a first taste of the blood of another human on the tongue. Or the thrill of totalling automobiles in the stock car race at the end of the world, or the exasperated exhilaration of finally hurling a Molotov Cocktail at the Town Hall. However looting held no appeal, since what was the point of wearing diamonds for just two days, nor would people be needing stockpiles food where they were heading. 

America and other tribal societies opted to pay off old scores and grudges. All except in one locus. Great Britain remained calm. An equipoise not borne of any T-Shirt slogans, or even the reputed stiff upper lip grin and bear it mien. Rather the nation had experienced a previous occasion for playing out of its collected grief, with the death of their Princess of Hearts. That was the circumstance in which they had mourned for their own unfulfilled lives, so that they had nothing left to give a second time when they were directly threatened with expiration. 


ganymeder said...

That's quite a scenario you've painted! I'm not sure that Princess Di's death would be enough to make them calmly accept the apocalypse though!

Did you use the "Keep Calm" sign as a writing prompt?

Sulci Collective said...

Hi Catherine,
No I didn't use it as a prompt, but it is something that has always annoyed me considerably as a slogan. The actual prompt was an awful 5 part new BBC scifi drama series "Hard Sun" which I rather slaughtered in a review and got me thinking about extinction events.

You can read my review here if you want, though I don't think you'll be able to access the show itself on BBC Iplayer as you're outside the UK.

Thanks for dropping by