Thursday, 16 February 2012

Friday Flash, New Book Trailer and COMPETITION!

It only took two years, but here is a brand new trailer for my novel "A,B&E". As before, I've tried to go for a visual language that is suited to YouTube and the like, bearing a similar relationship as the pop video does to the song it's there to promote; related, but with its own distinct narrative and style. Click on video for full screen

I've performed this piece live a few times now, using a camera phone of my own to snap the audience as part of the performance. I really enjoy doing it, as it's quite a liberating piece that lets me move around the stage and really interact with the crowd. This video makes more direct reference to the relationship of the digital and the fleshy, with the butcher's meat hooks alluding to slabs of meat which ironically we have become to one an other when we snap our camera phones on an "interesting" event in an instant.

The torsos were made for me by a brilliant sculptor called Carlos Espana and you can win one in this competition - In the comment box below, just leave me which single word in my novel "A,B&E" is your favourite and why. (No words from this video which I'm excluding!) I'll hold the competition open for 6 months, that's until 16th August 2012. I'm afraid the competition prize is only for UK residents, but any overseas entrants who would have been in the shake up otherwise will get an honourable mention. If you could leave me your Twitter name as well when you enter that would help me contact you when the time came.

Hope you enjoy the video


Helen said...

I loved the visual combined with the words, the two danced perfectly together to create one piece that was a pleasure to watch and listen to.

Eric J. Krause said...

Neat visual and audio take on a piece of flash fiction. This was quite interesting. I enjoyed watching it.