Thursday, 9 December 2010

5 No's

On this day of riots in the streets, an attack on the heir to the throne, when people just turned round and said "No!", here's 10 tracks honouring the smallest negative word in our language.

1) "No" The Rezillos
Punks in kilts, those were the days. They were actually from Scotland rather than Westb London, so we'll forgive them

2) "No, No, No" - Dawn Penn
A reggae classic and you can hear it in her voice that her man doesn't love her any more, but she's gonna triumph anyway, such is her resolve. (Also check out GhostfaceKillah's version which sample's Dawn Penn's delivery).

3) "No No Man" Steven Jesse Bernstein and Steve Fisk
Bernstein was a beat-type poet and jailbird who took his own life. Here one of is poems is set to a thunderous backing by Steve Fisk.

4) "No One Knows" Queens Of The Stone Age
Der der de der, derrdly der. C'mon, sing along, you all know the riff

5) "Negativ Nein" Einsturzende Neubauten
A double negative, "nein, nein, nein" a triple negative...

6) "Say No Go" De La Soul
Even these hippiy hoppers sound mildly peeved on this track

7) "Not Great Men" Gang Of Four
"History's not made by great men" ...

8) "Negativland" Neu
Krautrock, they love their doomy negatives

9) "0% Finance" GZA
The best song title in Christendom. Ah rap, dontcha just love it?

10) "Oh no You Didn't" Kid Acne
Oh yes he did...

Bonus Track
11) "Dark Ages" No Means No
They are indeed...