Saturday, 19 May 2012



To celebrate the launch of my new short flash fiction anthology "16FF", I am running a unique competition.

The Prize:

Your own personal Flash Fiction story written by me, based on a prompt, or theme, or word, or set of words given by you. It will be a unique story that only you and I will possess! It will not be available anywhere else unless you decide to make it available. It will be available in PDF and Kindle-friendly format.

How To Enter:

E-mail me via sewell.d at googlemail dot com with no more than 50 words on which of these stories was your favourite and why, by October 31st 2012 and I will pick a winner. I'll contact the winner and ask them for their prompt. The story will be delivered before Christmas 2012.


Jeffrey Jones said...

If I don't like ANY of the stories, can I have a book token instead?

Sulci Collective said...

You still have to oick one and give me 50 words. Then I'll judge which is my favourite from all the responses.

Denise said...

I am intrigued and terrified in equal measure at the thought of what you might produce. How could I ever come up with a worthy prompt? And that's the easy bit - first I have to decide on a favourite! Dammit! And then write!