Monday, 12 March 2012

Four Dirt Trails

This is the word cloud for my contribution to Games Perverts Play's theme of "Dirt".

Games Perverts Play is a website curated by Quite Riot Girl, which has submissions on a different theme each time. The submissions range from essays, through erotica to literary and experimental fiction in the realm of the sexual.

My contribution to "Dirt" was titled "Four Dirt Trails" and was exactly that; four stories examining the different contexts and meanings of the word dirt as exemplified in the diversity in the word cloud about. I don't really write erotica, but I do write about language and power and of course, the bedroom is one particularly salient demonstration of the two going hand in glove. The four have a different tone, one is a sort of fairy story, another more of a deconstuctionist mini-essay on talking dirty/ sex talk and so on...

If you click on the link, you can download "Dirt" for free as a PDF. There's some wonderful writing there by the likes of Penny Goring, Dan Holloway, Mark Simpson, Jonathan Kemp, Magda Sullivan, Betty Herbert and Quiet Riot Girl herself.

There is a content warning for the material.

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